What projects do Interior Designers take on?

What projects do Interior Designers take on?

Interior Designers work on projects for many types of spaces. From homes, to retail stores, to offices and even gyms, the scope of the profession is vast. Like many other professions interior designers specialize in one or several aspects of the field. If you can think of a built space, chances are an interior designer has had some impact on that space. From your local grocery store or cafe, to your office, or neighbourhood school, interior design is all around us.

Read on for the types of spaces interior designers create:

Work spaces like corporate, professional, and business offices, may include reception areas, meeting rooms, utility areas, and/or the total workplace


Project: CBRE Toronto Headquarters, Clarissa Lam, ARIDO. Award of Merit, 2017.

Healthcare spaces like hospitals, long-term care facilities, retirement homes, medical and dental facilities, research centres, therapeutic and geriatric facilities, and spas

Providence Care Hospital

Project: Providence Care Hospital, Casey Tosheff, ARIDO.

Hospitality spaces like hotel rooms, suites, lobbies, corridors, and private function spaces created within hotels, motels or inns, and private or public clubs. This category also includes freestanding food kiosks, food court spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail lounges, bars, and nightclubs.


Project: La Banane, Ashley Rumsey, ARIDO; Stanley Sun, ARIDO. Award of Merit 2017.

Retail spaces open to the general public, whether freestanding, within a building, or as part of a shopping centre. This includes the interiors of freestanding shopping centres or shopping centre concourses, whether new construction or a renovation.


Project: Milli, Andrew Gallici, ARIDO

Living spaces which includes spaces or renovated areas within a private residence, such as a house, condominium, loft, apartment, and vacation home.

Soho Urban Loft

Project: Soho Urban Loft, Eric McClelland, ARIDO.

Public places of assembly occupancy, such as schools, universities, daycare centres, museums, theatres, libraries, public art galleries, public auditoriums, airports, courthouses, correctional facilities, and places of worship. It will also include spas, fitness facilities, and clubhouses, whether freestanding or within a building.

Lakeshore Mayfair

Project: Mayfair Lakeshore; Micheline Bartlett, ARIDO

Condominium suites, lobbies, corridors, amenities, and private function spaces, this will also include marketing centres and facilities, whether temporary or permanent, that display merchandise for sale at the wholesale level or serve as a promotional tool in the selling or leasing of residential or commercial space, such as showrooms, exhibition spaces, model rooms, and model homes.


Project: Minto Westside, Diego Burdi, ARIDO