This lush lake pavilion is the ultimate in cottage chic

This lush lake pavilion is the ultimate in cottage chic

The Lake Pavilion is a unique structure designed to embrace waterfront living to the fullest. Situated completely on a 5,000 square foot steel dock, it shares a shoreline with sheer granite cliffs and hemlock forests. The most notable feature of the dock level is the seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces, and the absence of interior walls. Despite the wide-open space, the considered placement of furniture around a central bar results in a layout that fosters socializing.

Interior Designer: Wayne Swadron, ARIDO

Design Firm: Wayne Swadron Interiors Ltd.

Photographer: Peter A. Sellar


Unlike the main level, which is designed to accommodate large groups of friends and family, the upper level is an intimate suite. The space is a quiet sanctuary, even while the lower level is bustling. To achieve this, the design team upholstered panelling on every wall and door of the bedroom. This is complemented in the ensuite bathroom, clad entirely in a monochromatic limestone.

Throughout the many lakes of Muskoka, Ontario boathouses are hugely prevalent buildings. While the Lake Pavilion does not accommodate boats, it is seen and accessed primarily from the lake. The design team intended for the Pavilion to be very much in keeping with the character and proportion of recognizable boathouses in the area. The shiplapped cedar siding in a colour reminiscent of driftwood in the exterior allows the structure to blend in with the adjacent shoreline, whereas the whitewashed siding inside was designed to contrast the views towards the 'lakescape'.


For nighttime arrivals, the building required lighting that both illuminated the Pavilion along the shoreline but did not violate the dark sky objectives stipulated by the Township. Subtle lighting effects, including a softly backlit stone surround for the central bar, were incorporated to enhance the drama of nighttime use, and create a glow that radiated outwards onto the dock area.

Additionally, the clients were intent on using the pavilion as a waterfront recreational space, and all materials and fabrics were selected to perform in the wettest of conditions. The Lake Pavilion accommodates dining, lounging, sleeping and relaxing in the midst of incredible surroundings.