This condo feature wall lets a designer's creativity unfold

This condo feature wall lets a designer's creativity unfold

As the owner of a 1960’s classic mixed-use, commercial/retail building in mid-town Toronto, the client wanted to reintroduce the building’s presence to the street, via a major focal point in the. Splashy graphics or gimmicks were out of the questions, as the client envisioned something timeless and respectful for the mid-century space.

Interior Designer: Jane Juranek, ARIDO

Design Team: Sandra Stephens, Intern, ARIDO

Design Firm: IBI Group

Project Photographer: Ben Rahn

The building’s central lobby wall presented an ideal opportunity for a single focal point. With a cavernous two-story scale, the lobby also provided the appropriate backdrop to set the stage for something impactful. The design team dreamt up a pleated origami façade, made from quartz stone panels, vertically tilted and extended up the twenty-foot wall, with a set of hidden LED lights accentuating each of the planes.

Underfoot, charcoal gray porcelain brings needed warmth to the space, and the design team added certain punches of colour via fire-engine red seating in front of the feature wall.

The result is a dynamic feature wall that both animates the building’s lobby and draws new attention to the space from the street. The timeless solution blends both classic and contemporary together to set the stage of future change.