Specialty Elements: Aaron Dining Table

Specialty Elements: Aaron Dining Table

The Aaron Dining Table is bold combination of materials, design, and engineering. The minimalist silhouette is both beautiful and practical for comfortable entertaining.

Interior Designer: Jeffrey Douglas, ARIDO

Design Firm: Douglas Design Studio

Photographer: Gary William Ogle

Aaron Table 1

A dear client of the design team was looking for a dining table to replace the one they had since they were first married, two children ago. They needed something durable and flexible that would allow a few extra chairs to be added for larger family gatherings. Something edgy; that would be dependable enough to become a cherished family heirloom. As art collectors and consultants, their home is a mix of elegant and provocative, and this table needed to strike that balance.

The Aaron dining table was designed with materials that provide a remarkable contrast each other. The cool rigid grey of the stone is softened by the warm glow of the bronze metal. The inlaid bronze gleams on the surface of the table and contrasts with the painted walls, wood cabinets and flooring of its’ surroundings.

Aaron Table 2

To support the weight of these materials, the pedestal legs butterfly at a shallow 140-degree angle to triangulate the stance firmly with a minimal footprint and no wobble. A hollow structural centre spine runs the length of the table, ending in a 10-degree chamfer which is capped and filled, and polished to a paper-thin edge.

Aaron Table 3

One standout detail is the top, intimately integrated with the thick bronze leg, which appears to slice through the stone edge and meet in a V on the surface, flush with the polished stone. Natural Quartzite is hard enough and stable enough to achieve this fine edge in a 100% natural material tabletop. There is a great strength in the materials used for this table. The stone and bronze are extremely durable with a lifespan that allows the table to stay in the family for many generations.

The Aaron Table earned an ARIDO Award in 2018 for Category 11 - Specialty Elements.

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