Lights, Camera, Interiors!

Lights, Camera, Interiors!

With a 50‐year history, the Directors Guild of Canada and its Ontario chapter are the voice of Canadian film directors and film industry workers.

In 2011, the two organizations decided to merge their offices in order to streamline and integrate their services. The new space was for the benefit of both employees and Guild members.

Interior Designers: Heidi Painchaud, ARIDO; Guy Painchaud, ARIDO

Design Team: Anthony Orasi, ARIDO

Design Firm: B+H

Project Photographer: Toni Hafkenscheid

Both groups sought a bright, open, and spacious environment to maximize employees’ exposure to natural light, echo the warmth and intimacy of a residential space, and encourage collaboration and cross‐pollination between groups. They also wanted to reflect the successes of the Guilds’ members and create a space that employees are proud to call their own.

Beyond providing a venue for the Guilds’ administration, the new headquarters needed to host meetings for members with the flexibility to accommodate various events and functions. Accordingly, the reception, boardroom, and lunchroom transform into elegant evening spaces with adjoining dining and bar facilities.

A bold mid‐century inspired palette and classic, modern furniture assert themselves against a neutral canvas of light walls, black feature ceilings and warm wood flooring.

Despite the extensive use of glass and luxurious finishes, the creative re‐purposing of existing furnishings, along with a selection of local products and finishes enabled the project to be finished on budget and ready within eight weeks from the start of construction.