Interior Designers imagine the ‘Future of Canadian Living’ for design tradeshow

Interior Designers imagine the ‘Future of Canadian Living’ for design tradeshow

In 2016, U31 was invited by a national kitchen manufacturer to create an exhibit for the Toronto Interior Design Show that would feature the cabinetry and materials of two exhibitors in one booth and showcase the firm's talents and diverse aesthetic.

Interior Designer: Kelly Cray, ARIDO

Design Team: Christina Yoo, ARIDO

Design Firm: U31

Project Photographer: Peter Sellar

Because of the firm's expertise in condominium design/smaller spaces, it opted to create the ‘Future of Canadian Living’, a conceptualization of vertical communities, also inspired by Canada and the diversity of its inhabitants.

The stage was set with a dramatic floor depicting a wintry Canadian landscape. Inside the small 20' x 20' footprint, three angular spaces sat within a tree-house-like structure comprising a kitchen, a bathroom, and a library - each vignette featuring a different Canadian persona (articulated by wallpaper installed within each space) and their various lifestyles.

Three boxes were constructed from wood, and once the furnishings, cabinetry, and surfacing were in-place, the bathroom and library were raised on top of pillars, which surrounding the ground-level kitchen structure. The design team affixed mirrored finishes on the ceilings of the upper levels, which created a reflective and faceted surface, and added an element of contemporary luxury.

With the convention centre as a backdrop, the design team amped up the warmth of the space with a warm palette and mix of vintage and contemporary accessories to create a cozy, yet eclectic feel.