Friday Design Digest 005

Friday Design Digest 005

01 Fanshawe ID students present their research on design for an ageing population, the designer of the facility. “This project really opened my eyes to how design can genuinely support peoples’ health and well-being. I enjoyed the freedom to learn by experience,” student Lauren Hylands. At

02 In 2015, Jones Collombin approached Altius Architecture to design and manage the construction of a new office for their growing wealth management firm. When space became available in the architecturally significant TD Centre towers, with soaring views of downtown Toronto, the client seized upon the opportunity, via BLOG//ARIDO.

03 Interior Design at the Superbowl? “In 1988, while, of course, waiting in line to use the bathroom, Sandra Rawls, then an assistant professor of interior design, wondered about the power structures and social orders reflected in our public restrooms. Women typically take longer in the bathroom. What Rawls wanted to figure out was exactly how much longer, and why.” via ESPN.

04 Dreaming of summer already? Let the Muskoka Lake Pavilion project by Wayne Swadron, ARIDO’s take you away to warmer weather, and summer at the cottage. Via BLOG//ARIDO.

05 For those who are hunkering down and catching up on The Handmaid’s Tale this weekend, some discussion of the set design and interiors and how they add to the uneasy atmosphere in Gilead, at Architectural Digest.