Friday Design Digest 001

Friday Design Digest 001

01. Gordon Mackay, ARIDO shares his Ideas with CBC

Gordon Mackay, ARIDO was on CBC Radio's Ideas program recently. He spoke about hotels and how they reflect private desires and social truth, and what his clients at Mackay Wong are looking for with a design project, “The interesting part of lobby design, is that our clients are asking for that Instagram-able moment, which is an extension of how we’re living our lives with that visual soundbite.”

Skip ahead to 46 minutes to hear from Gordon Mackay. Click here to listen.

02. Specialty Elements: Aaron Dining Table

The Aaron Table, designed by Jeffrey Douglas, ARIDO, is a stunning example of Douglas' furniture design talent. Created for a couple who are long-time clients of his, the table was designed to stand out from its surroundings, and its luxurious and durable materials' ensure it will be cherished piece for years to come. Read more on BLOG//ARIDO

03. Kingsgrove Home by Sarah Townson, featured in Toronto Homes Magazine, winter 2018.

A 1942 Kingsway Village home is updated for the 21t century by Sarah Townson, ARIDO, of DXT Studio via Toronto Homes Magazine. Townson gutted the home to create more sightlines on the ground floor, added a master bathroom to the second floor, and modernized the kitchen along with its amenites.

04. Union Station's new food court opens in Toronto

Transformed into “a fluid stage for Toronto’s most ambitious culinary, cultural, design, and retail offerings" by firm PARTISANS, Dialog and GH+A the space can accomodate 600 patrons, and boasts 10 new retailers. It's part of the current revitalization project taking place at Toronto's major transit hub. Read about the ceiling fixtures designed by Partisans which combine HVAC, lighting and sprinklers in an artful way, via Canadian Interiors.

05. The surprisingly technical process of Interior Design

“The problem with this visuals-first approach is that it doesn’t demonstrate a significant problem-solving ability, and it typically fails to address unique or significant usage patterns.” Putting Interior Design into practise via