Cozy Beaches home is light, bright launchpad for growing family

Cozy Beaches home is light, bright launchpad for growing family

The design team was commissioned for the architectural and interior design of an existing semi-detached single-family house, in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. The client envisioned a modern house with an open concept and lots of sunlight for their newly established family, with a long-term goal of increasing the property’s future resale value.

Interior Designer: Angxuan Sun, ARIDO

Design Firm: AtelierSUN

Photographer: Leading Image

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The client identified several needs for the space, from increasing the amount of natural light, to creating spaces for various family activities, all the while using materials and colours that make the home feel light and spacious. Another important challenge was to work with the existing semi-detached structure during construction.

Balancing the client’s future sale goals with their current needs, the design team created a meaningful building both for the users and neighborhood, in order to create a spacious, enjoyable, and flexible home not only for one client but for anyone.

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To bring more light in the narrow lot, the number of partitioning walls were kept to the necessary structural elements. The open riser stairs with glass handrail also allow sunlight to pass through the building freely. A long skylight on the top floor also spreads more natural light in the space. With the stairs and the kitchen located centrally, the ground floor becomes a room where the furniture can be configured multiple ways.

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Meanwhile, the minimalist palette of materials and finishes reveals the fundamental character of the space. A simple wood floor with white walls and ceiling give the interior space a natural and streamlined appearance. The angled wall on the front facade reflects the outline of the street and the randomly placed punched windows in different sizes reveal the exterior views in various perspectives.

The resulting space provides a cozy and welcoming environment while effectively meeting the client’s directives.

Angxuan (Andrew) Sun

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