The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) is the professional association representing Interior Designers in Ontario. Only registered members of ARIDO are authorized to use the designation ARIDO and the title Interior Designer in the province. ARIDO ensures that Interior Designers are highly trained through a rigorous process of education, experience and examination. All Registered Members are required to:

Education and Experience Requirements
To become an Interior Designer, students must follow a rigorous path of education in a four year degree. Subsequently, they must complete a minimum of 3,520 hours of supervised work experience under a qualified Interior Designer.

To complete their qualifications, Interior Design students must pass the NCIDQ examination, the National Council of Interior Design Qualification, which is the industry's recognised indicator of profiency in interior design principles.

Maintain professional liability insurance
Because of the responsibility of their profession, qualified Interior Designers must maintain professional liability insurance, just like doctors, engineers and other titled professions.

Participate in ongoing regular professional development
As a practicing Interior Designer, qualified members must complete professional development every two years. Education must focus on Health and Safety, on subjects like the Building Code regulations, Accessibility, Occupational Safety and Health administration.

Comply with a professional code of ethics and standards of practice
The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice outline how qualified Interior Designers must comport themselves in their work, on issues like contracts, maintaining confidentiality, and other matters that protect the public.

Comply with the Ontario government’s qualification and registration requirements under the Ontario Building Code
In addition to the above requirements mandated by ARIDO, qualified Interior Designers are trained in and have extensive knowledge of the Ontario Building Code. The Ontario Building Code is the legal framework that governs all building in Ontario. From renovation of existing buildings to new builds, every building in the province must comply with the laws that are set out in the OBC. Because of their work to build and renovate interior spaces in Ontario, Interior Designers must have a strong and current knowledge of the Code.